Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder (CFD) is a personality disorder caused by nanites. The nanites “overwrite” the victim’s personality with that of an AI.

Identified victims include several members of JackPoint; including FastJack, Riser, and Plan 9.

Nanites that are used for nonorganic use such as those used in Nanoforges for 3D printing, often fail as the nanites are reprogrammed.

Nanites inside a metahuman will attempt to infect and reprogram or just destroy uninfected nanites. The nanites are reprogrammed to also reproduce. Soft nanites use natural organic material found in the body. Hard nanites will compel the host to eat non-organic material, such as metal or sand, to give the hard nanites material to build new hard nanites.

The host will often suffer from lapse in memory or blackouts. During these lapses the AI personality often takes over the host and works on furthering their own agenda. Sometimes the two (or more) personalities will not be aware of each other’s existence.

If a host is infected with nanites containing a different AI personality, the different nanites will attempt to fight each other for control of the host. It is also possible for a new personality to be overwritten with another personality. If multiple nanite personalities are attempting to imprint on the same host, they will often end up creating a new hybrid personality which is an amalgamation of the different personalities in the host. Infecting a host with nanites from a different subject but with the same personality causes no conflict.

The Cure?Edit
There are no known affective cures for CFD at this point.

The infected (those infected with HMHVV) are immune to CFD.

Machine Entities:
Machine Entities spread CFD and are thus feared throughout the galaxy.


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